Canadian Context

Working definition of crowdfunding, a look at the regulatory framework and legislative base that governs crowdfunding in Canada and the latest relevant data available.

Women and Crowdfunding

Women reap greater crowdfunding success than men according to a global report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Crowdfunding Models in Canada

There are several crowdfunding models that can be used in Canada to raise funds for a project. Here’s an overview.

Crowdfunding Worldwide: Stats & Facts

An overview of key findings from Massolution including global campaign statistics and figures related to the volume of funds raised worldwide and in North America via crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding and Income Taxes in Canada

What are the fiscal consequences of a crowdfunding campaign in Canada? In the absence of specific rules, here are a few answers that will help you see more clearly when the time comes to complete your...

Why Choose the Subscription Model of Crowdfunding?

A significant development in the evolution of crowdfunding during the past years has been the advent of subscription-based platforms. This article is a closer examination of this model.

Statistics: Crowdfunding in Canada in 2015

With an average of 24 new projects launched each day, Canada is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to setting up a crowdfunding campaign. Overview of the main statistics concerning this...

Types of crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding platforms vary widely in the way that they are structured. Here's an overview of these different platforms and the fee structures they use for their services.

Government-Matched Crowdfunding: Sweden, Australia and the UK

A look at three platforms which combine crowdfunding and public funding to provide creators with a unique solution.

FundingNomad: Equity Crowdfunding for Entertainment Projects

FundingNomad, the first equity crowdfunding portal for entertainment projects in Canada, wants to make it easier for producers to tap into a new pool of investors.

Equity Crowdfunding for Cultural Projects

Since 2015, Canadian companies wishing to call upon the general public to raise funds can do so through equity crowdfunding—whereby investors acquire a stake in their business. However, this method of financing is generally not appropriate...

Equity Crowdfunding in Canada, Province by Province

Since 2015, Canadian creators may resort to equity crowdfunding to finance their businesses. However, the conditions that apply to take advantage of this new funding mode vary from province to province and from territory to territory.

Equity Crowdfunding in the United States

Almost four years after President Barrack Obama enacted the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act), the most highly awaited provision of this act finally came into force in May 2016. Like Canadians, Americans can now...

Failing After Having Received Funding

It’s not because you reach your objective for your crowdfunding campaign that your project is guaranteed to succeed. Sometimes, after several months or years of sustained effort, entrepreneurs are forced to pack up their bags. It...

How likely is your crowdfunding campaign to succeed?

The odds of successfully completing a crowdfunding campaign are roughly 50%. But beyond that baseline statistic, there are a number of controllable factors that can have a significant impact on your success rate. The latest "Facts...

Equity Crowdfunding in the European Union

Object of heated discussions, equity crowdfunding is keeping industry actors and financial authorities busy in Canada as well as in the USA while the first regulations see daylight. In this context, we offer you an overview...

Broadcast and distribution partners

Some considerations that content creators using crowdfunding need to take into account when it comes time to engage broadcast and distribution partners.

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