Tips & Tricks

Advice and suggestions for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding: Seven Benefits for Creators

Here are seven reasons why content creators and producers should give crowdfunding a try.

Overcoming the Risks and Barriers of Crowdfunding

There are many factors that a producer should consider before launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Ten Thoughts on Communities and Crowdfunding

Building and maintaining a community to support a crowdfunding project is not only recommended but also essential if the intended goal is to maximize the chances of success of one’s campaign. Here are ten thoughts regarding...

How to create media buzz for your crowdfunding campaign

The media can be an important part of any successful crowdfunding campaign. Just one article posted in the right place can drive thousands of people to your crowdfunding page and make the difference between missing your...

How to create a realistic budget for your crowdfunding campaign

What are the key items to consider when building your crowdfunding budget? This article helps you set a realistic funding goal that will allow you to fund your project and cover your campaign costs.

Using social media effectively for your crowdfunding campaign

One of the reasons why online crowdfunding platforms are so successful has to do with the opportunity to reach out for a massive audience thanks to the power of social media. That is... if you can...

Best practices for video game campaigns

Six best practices for video game crowdfunding campaigns. Because apart from having a great product (which remains central!), some tactics can be put forward to help campaigns reach their goals in this specific situation.

Ingredients for a successful crowdfunding campaign

Make sure your project is a good fit. A project needs to be compelling to garner the amount of support and attention required for a successful campaign.

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