About This Website

This website is intended to help understand crowdfunding in Canada. It is the continuation of the study Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context: Exploring the Potential of Crowdfunding in the Creative Content Industries. As a living resource, it will be updated on a regular basis and will provide up to date and relevant data about the industry. Developed by the Canada Media Fund in collaboration with Nordicity, this online resource includes a working definition of crowdfunding, as well as a description of the various crowdfunding models in use. The website is updated on a regular basis to provide the latest statistics and data available, suggest best practices, present case studies based on successful campaigns and explain the regulatory framework and legislative base that govern crowdfunding in Canada.

This online resource is open to external contributions. Are you a platform operator? Have you led a crowdfunding campaign before? Are you an outsider looking in on this new phenomenon? Do you want to know more about a particular aspect of crowdfunding? We want to hear from you! Share your experiences, knowledge, questions and external sources of information by contacting us at:


About Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) monitors trends and the evolution of the industry to provide stakeholders and decision-makers with industry intelligence and recommendations on potential strategic orientations.
The Canada Media Fund champions the creation and promotion of successful, innovative Canadian content and software applications for current and emerging digital platforms through financial support and industry research. Created by Canada’s cable and satellite distributors and the Government of Canada, the CMF aspires to connect Canadians to our creative expressions, to each other, and to the world.



About the OMDC

The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is the central catalyst for creative industries in the province. The OMDC promotes investment in, and leverages original content creation for, the six industries that form part of Ontario’s entertainment and creative cluster: film and television, magazine and book publishing, interactive digital media, and music. Our innovative programs and services, as well as the tax credits we administer, provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the province’s multi-billion dollar creative media industries will continue to thrive well into the future.



About Nordicity

Nordicity is a leading consulting firm specializing in policy, strategy, and economic analysis in the media, creative and information and communications technology sectors.
Nordicity applies its analytical and sector expertise to help:



Nordicity has developed economic analysis tools to assess employment and GDP impacts, and to evaluate fiscal returns on public expenditures. As a firm, it has developed business assessments and strategies for new ventures in digital media, screen-based properties, ICT and telecom industries. The Nordicity team understands digital media and convergence, as well as traditional media and culture. Nordicity is on top of the fast-moving wireless and mobile environment.